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Note: Please check the "Last Updated" date under the Part Number to make sure that you have the latest Data Sheet.

For Non-RoHS Packages, please contact the factory for availability.

Programmable AC Line Frequency Timer... (8 Pins)


LS6301, LS6301-S
Last Updated: 06/08/04


Selectable Timing Intervals


Internal Voltage Requlator (Typ 5.5V)
Schmitt Trigger inputs for high noise immunity




Output to drive SCR connected to load

Output to flash an indcator when timeout has occurred
Programmable Digital Delay Timer... (14 Pins)

LS7210, LS7210-S
Last Updated: 06/16/06

Generates delays from milliseconds to "years"

Delays programmed by 5 Binary Weighted inputs and time-base
External clock or RC oscillator sources time-base

Four Operating Modes

4.75V to 15V operation
Programmable Digital Delay Timer.. (18 Pins)

Note LS7211 and LS712 have been replaced by LS7211N LS7212N
LS7211, LS7211-S; LS7212, LS7212-S
Last Updated: 11/05/03

LS7211N, LS7211N-S; LS7212N, LS7212N-S
Last Updated: 02/08/13

LS7211N, LS7212N backward compatible to LS7211, LS7212

Generates delays from 100ns to "days"

Time Base is External Clock or Oscillator: RC (LS7211N); Crystal (LS7212N)

8 Binary-Weighted Delay Bits

3 Selectable Prescalers

Four Operating Modes

Reset for Delay Abort

3V to 18V Operation

Programmable frequency division

Real Time delays from 50/60Hz (LS7211N); watch crystal (LS7212N)
Programmable Digital Delay Timer.. (14 Pins)

LS7213R, LS7213R-S
Last Updated: 08/23/11
Produces real-time delays from 10kHz-1kHz time-base range

Eight time delay ranges:

0.1 - 1:
Seconds; Minutes; Hours
1 - 10:
Seconds; Minutes; Hours
10 - 100:
Seconds; Minutes


RC Oscillator generates time-base

Four operating modes

Reset for Delay Abort

Complementary outputs

Delay-in-Progress indicator output

3V to 5.5V Operation
Programmable Digital Delay Timer.. (20 Pins)

LS7215, LS7215-S; LS7216, LS7216-S
Last Updated: 07/20/09

LS7215 and LS7216 are extended feature versions of LS7211N and S7212, respectively.
Extended Features:

  1. Latches for loading weighting bits from an 8-bit Bus
  2. Open-Drain Output for direct drive of a Relay coil returned to chip VDD or to a voltage as high as 110V using a single external transistor
Light-Activated Programmable Timer.. (8 Pins)

LS7217, LS7217-S
Last Updated: 08/11/13
Interface directly to photo-resistor
Programmable duration selection:
4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, dusk-to-dawn
Shunt regulator
50Hz / 60Hz time base selection
Relay driver output
6.5V +/- 0.75V operation
Applications include lighting timer for low-voltage landscape lighting
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